Automotive Field

1)Products include traditional auto parts ,new energy auto parts and lightweight auto structural parts;
2)E.g.: Enclosure of Electronic Control Unit (ECU), AC compressor, central control system, steering system, foot plate, braking system, wheels, turbines, engine, gearbox, wiper and other structural components

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New Energy

It is mainly applied in PV, involving in the enclosure of inverter, radiator and mounting rack.

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Enclosure (drum camera, dome camera, semi-dome camera, bullet camera ), brackets, traffic monitoring, access control system, security monitoring system, equipment for parking lot monitoring

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Telecom and Other Fields

Telecom: wave filter, antenna and microwave equipment;
Others: LED, printer, photocopier, household accessories, information products (server, memorizer)

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One-stop Supporting Services

One-stop Supporting Services for Production and Processing of Aluminum Extrusion, Stamping Parts, Plastic Parts;
Extrusion and stamping parts: energy radiator, new-energy automobiles;
Plastic parts: mobile phone shell, wire materials, enclosure of loudspeaker box, charger

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