1) We have 210 die-casting machines including 160T 、4000T and other sizes.
2) More than 50000 tons of aluminum and 5000 tons magnesium alloy is invested in annual production.
3) Up to 1000 products, new energy, security, auto parts and communications are the main products.
4) Minimum single piece 0.007KG, maximum single piece 82.5KG.
5) In the die casting Island, rough punching, fine blanking and simple post processing first line flow are realized.

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1) We have 550 high-end precision machining equipment.
2) Annual capacity exceeds 30 million
3)The machining accuracy is 0.003mm.
4) We has already realized the project of robot on and down material, and can realize one robot for 16 CNC up and down material at most.
5) CNC automatic unit line production, quality control, OEE MES control and intelligent manufacturing have been realized.

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1) 4 automatic cleaning lines and 8 automatic spraying lines can produce 1 million pieces per day.
2) 2 environmental protection automatic oxidation lines, Nissan can produce 30 tons of aluminum.
3) High sensitivity and high pixel automatic inspection and packaging unit for finished products.
4) Auxiliary EDI inlet treatment system, mixing purification system, energy saving and environmental protection heating system, and intelligent system program.
5) We have a professional R&D team and a standard R&D laboratory.

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1) 60 high-end and high-precision equipment, and the equipment accuracy is 0.003mm.
2) The mold has an annual capacity of over 700 sets, which can produce 4000T die casting machine.
3) With more than 30 senior mold design technical team.
4) Professional modeling and analysis software, CAE analysis software, with more than 20 years of experience in a senior team.
5) Automatic design, automatic production process and on-line automatic detection are realized.
6) A professional mold manufacturing management software was applied.
7) Intelligent warehouse management system and mould life cycle management system (including mold maintenance history and maintenance lighting system) are used in the mould warehouse.
8) Research and development of professional mold heat treatment and surface coating technology, mold life far exceeds that of peers.

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1) We have 80T, 500T, 120 tonnage injection molding machines, and 2 imported European KOMAX machines.
2) Daily production of plastic parts 500 thousand, daily processing 54000 meters.
3) 5000 tons of plastic materials were digested and 17000 kilometer of processed wire rods were processed.
4) The minimum single piece 0.2g, the largest single piece 1.2kg, the machining accuracy 0.05mm, can be embedded in 50 s for one-time injection.
5)Fully automated production workshop, all use dehuification drying system.

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1) We have 30 high end precision machining equipment.
2) The annual capacity is over 4 million 800 thousand.
3) Machining accuracy 0.03mm, maximum processing product size 4500*400*410mm.
4) The robot has been implemented on the top and bottom material, and up to a robot can be used to supply 4 CNC.
5) CNC automatic unit line production, quality control, OEE MES control and intelligent manufacturing have been realized.
6) We provide package inspection and assembly services from aluminum extrusion, cutting, CNC, drilling, tapping, wire drawing, polishing, sandblasting, oxidation and screen printing to products.

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1) We have 12 high-end precision punching machines with different tonnages of 40T and 200T.
2) The annual capacity is over 36 million.
3) The automatic feeding project has been realized, and the machining accuracy is less than 0.02mm.
4) The maximum product can be 1000*1000*200mm, and the smallest can be 5*5*0.3mm.

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1) We have 30 sets of high precision CNC machining equipment.
2) Products are mainly used for heavy trucks, special vehicles, buses, construction machinery, SUV, MPV, port machinery, large ship, oil field drilling machine.
3) Annual capacity exceeds 800 thousand.
4) The machining accuracy is less than 0.02MM.
5) We have auto transmission shaft automatic assembly line and automatic spray painting line.
6)The annual capacity of the assembly line is over 200 thousand sets.

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